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You know that feeling you get when you put on your favourite dress? Transformed by its beautiful shaping, the soft touch of its material and its flattering cut, your ‘normal’, everyday self seems to melt away and in its place emerge a renewed version of you. There’s something about its design and the way how it molds your curves and shapes that seem to bring empowerment, energy and drive. You are ready to go out there and irradiate. And you sure do, as everyone around perceives it.

Now imagine you can get that feeling with every and each dress in your wardrobe. They are all expertly crafted to bring out the best in you. The style, cut and materials are all thoughtfully designed to enhance your natural beuty treats, while respecting and strengthening your personality. That’s exactly what we do for your customers with each and every garment we make.

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Why do we make them to measure?

Every woman’s body is different and unique. There’s no such thing as a standard body as we all have our own shapes and proportions. So if it has to fit you it has to adapt to your own set of measurements. Standard sizes cannot do that.
You are not off the rack, why would your clothes?

Having a garment made for you is also loving yourself, treating and caring yourself. And this is something we all deserve.

We believe that every woman deserves to be the bell of the ball. Deserves to look glamorous, stylish and gorgeous. Deserves to feel stunning.

Please feel free to browse our site to find that style that is ‘you’.
We also love custom orders. Just drop a line to Maria and she’ll design something just for you.


The most iconic styles

Only the most wonderful 50s styles. The ones that make you look and feel like a movie star.

Limited edition

Just a few pieces made in each style and colour to guarantee exclusivity


Many colours to choose from on every style, plus you can ask for any variation you might wish for

Made to your measurements

You are not buying an off-the-rack garment, you are ordering one that will fit you and your unique proportions right

True to the era

Because only 50s-true patterns, materials and construction will provide you with the real 50s look.

Expertly crafted

Wisely constructed, top materials and best finishings.

Easy to order

Ordering is as simple as 1. choosing your style and colour and 2. taking your measurements, following our super easy how-to-take-your measurements form


Do you imagine having something made just for you, to your taste and requirements? Well, now you have it!


Ordering is as easy as:

  1. Choose your style and colour.
    If you need help choosing what’s right for you, we are happy to offer personalized advice.
  2. Place your order.
    Add it to your cart and go through checkout.
  3. Take your measurements.
    Use our super easy ‘Taking your measurements’ form. It has pictures and step by step instructions, so you can’t get lost.

    Still have questions? Check out our ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ page.

What our customers say:

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