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We design and hand make the garments that will make you look and feel gorgeous:
stylish, sexy and elegant at the same time.

But the purpose behind it is putting quality, expertise and attention to detail in your life. Putting some love and some beauty.

When you are consistent between who you want to be, and how you treat yourself, your life gets much better.

And when you put on a beautiful, well made dress that fits you like a glove, you are ready to rock the world!

About us

How it all started?

About us

I have a passion for fashion designing and dress making.
As a kid, I was always found drawing princeses in stunning dresses, and plans of my ideal house.

My formal education regarding the fashion industry consisted in a grade in Industrial Pattern Making.
But I never believed in industrialization applied to clothing.
Instead, I believe we are all unique inside and out, and our clothes are nothing but a way of expressing our true self.

When I opened my little fashion studio on 2004, my work system was designing and making a unique piece for each client, to her measurements.
I was making all kind of garments, from nightime gowns, to cocktail dresses, to business dresses, to wedding dresses, to men’s suits (yes, I love the traditional craftmanship of tailoring, and learned it too).

And why vintage style?

I simply love the glamurous couture styles Hollywood movie stars wore on films. I love the endless fantasy and the beautiful, feminine silouette. I loved the clever, elaborated designs. The elegance and the style.

Fashion history has always inspired me, but mainly the 50s (and the early 60s too).

I ripped some vintage garments apart (yes I know it hurts!) and started studying the patterns and the construction. I got to understand the shapes and volumes. I builded up some prototypes and worked them, changed them and refined them until I got real-50s looking stuff. Yay!

About us

My philosophy

I believe in making things in life as good as you can. In my work, that translates into:

  • Designing only styles that I love, that I’m passionate about
  • Using mostly natural fibers, and only top quality materials
  • Making patterns to each client’s measurements. Only doing so guarantees the best fit
  • Making patterns true to the era. I don’t want a poor memory, I want the real thing
  • Constructing every garment with the best techniques, as elaborated as needed, and with fine finishings

I also love designing custom styles on request. If you don’t see the style of your dreams, let’s go create it!

I AM a truly believer that 50s styles are for everyone. Everyone who loves elegance, fantasy and a smart sexyness.

Do you see yourself reflected here? Then we are a perfect match.

Now it’s your turn. Please enjoy and search the shop for the style of your dreams!


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