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Guyé customers

There’s no better introduction for us than testimonials from happy customers who love their Guyé garments.
This is what some of them have said. A huge thank you to all of you!

We’ve got some artists too!

Miss Lily Moe at The Rhythm Riot 2016

Ruby Pearl and her Tinstars @ Rockabilly Shake Around Middelburg 12-9-2015

Buick 55's at Rock Ridge Rumble 2016

Anita O'night & Mercury trio, Riverside 2016

The Pringles at The Rhythm Riot 2016 - set 2

Aisha Khan & the Four Candles, Rhythm & Blues Revue 2015-01-23 Barcelona

Ruby Pearl & Tinstar Rick wedding <3

The Pringles at Viva las Vegas 2016


What our customers say:

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